Canada is one of four Aaa countries at risk of housing correction

TORONTO — Moody’s Investors Service has released a report that identifies Canada as one of four Aaa-rated countries that are exposed to a potential housing market correction.In addition to Canada, the report lists New Zealand, Sweden and Australia as countries that have seen the largest increases in home prices and household debt among advanced economies over the last three years.Moody’s says a housing downturn could involve material spillovers to the broader economy for Canada and New Zealand, where residential construction accounts for approximately 7.5 per cent of GDP in both countries.If you want to blame someone for Canada’s housing bubble (and you will) blame, Mark CarneyHow Kathleen Wynne can cool Toronto’s market by cutting tax — not raising itCanadians want to cash in on hot property, but where to go next?However, Moody’s says that unless reversals in house prices are accompanied by other long-lasting negative shocks, they would not fundamentally undermine the sovereigns’ credit profiles.The debt rating agency says all four countries have strong banking systems with high capitalization levels, conservative business models and strong liquidity.The housing sector has been identified as a risk for the Canadian economy as housing prices have marched higher, fuelled by low interest rates.