Molecatchers at war Rivals embroiled in feud amid lack of professionalism and rudeness

first_imgMole Credit:Getty The alleged feuds first emerged in a feature in the Wall Street Journal. The American website suggests the squabble started after Miss Chippendale formed the Association over her disappointment with the Register’s training, which she claims is flawed.Her concerns are believed to be over mole-breeding information that she believes is being inaccurately given out by the Register.Speaking of Miss Chapman, Miss Chippendale told the Wall Street Journal: “She’s taking their money but she’s not really doing the work. I am not happy about it and would say things to her face.”Miss Chapman, who took over the Register in April last year, told the Telegraph she did not have a feud with any molecatcher in the UK, but admitted that “it appears that some of them have an issue with me”.“I think it is about the fact that I am training people, giving away the secrets, if you like”, she said. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. They spend their working life trying to catch the enemy – but now rival molecatchers have become embroiled in a feud of a different kind.Ann Chippendale, of the Association of Professional Mole Catchers, has allegedly accused rival molecatcher Louise Chapman – head of the trade group, the British Mole Catchers Register – of lacking professionalism, labelling her an “embarrassment” in a bizarre squabble that started last year.Miss Chapman, meanwhile, has claimed Lancashire-based Miss Chippendale, 55, is “rather rude”, saying her concerns about the Register are “nonsense”.She has also accused a third body – the Guild of British Mole Catchers – of being “silly” and of failing to offer adequate training. Miss Chapman, a former teacher, insists she has never met Miss Chippendale and instead has only had a 10-minute conversation with her on the phone.“She called me at home one Sunday unannounced, which frankly is extremely rude,” she said. “She said I had upset the whole community by offering training… frankly, it is all nonsense.”On the Guild, she said: “I don’t rate the Guild’s course. I can safely say I believe mine is the best. I’m an ex-teacher and I know how to teach.”She added: “I’m not creating any feuds with anybody, I’m just going about my business being a fabulous lady mole catcher and doing the best for my members.”Miss Chippendale said she did not wish to comment and claimed there had been inaccuracies in previous reports, but would not elaborate. A spokesman for the Guild said: “The comments made by Ms Chapman are unfounded… We cannot understand why Ms Chapman has brought the guild into this conflict.” He added: “At the Guild we promote and encourage traditional mole control with mole welfare being at the front at all times, following the guidelines as recommended by Natural England.” I’m just going about my business being a fabulous lady mole catcher and doing the best for my membersLouise Chapmanlast_img