9 things that happened when Justin Bieber came to Ireland

first_img5. He brought his ma6. His entourage went to look at some Irish, uh, streams and stuffAnd they totally appreciated them. “Beautiful scenery everywhere,” wrote the Bieber’s bodyguard Kenny Hamilton. JUSTIN BIEBER ARRIVED in Ireland at the weekend.He kicked his new tour off last night with the first of two sold-out shows at the O2.Here’s what has happened so far:1. We found out he’s not the best punctuator(This has been retweeted more than 40,000 times.)2. But the Irish love him anyway3. OK, they REALLY love himLove him like ‘trying to break down security fencing’ love him.4. He rode a Segway like a bossBut his entourage had to walk, obvs. Instagram/KennyHamilton7. He may be in the IlluminatiThis was his entrance:Either that, or his crew just forgot to take his tarpaulin off after the winter.9. This9. And this.This footage is from before he even came on stage. Three solid minutes of straight-up screaming.YouTube/tonymontanoeRoll on tonight, eh?The Dredge: If you pass by the O2 in Dublin, these girls are camping outside>last_img