Tinted Sheen browser extension blocks all things Sheen

first_imgLet’s face it, even though he thinks he is, Charlie Sheen is not winning. Well, if losing custody of your children, getting fired from “Two and a Half Men,” and becoming a national punchline constitutes winning, then maybe he is.The Sheen craze, which really peaked last week when he set the Guinness World Record for fastest account to get 1 million followers, is starting its swift decline. Although this may seem hard to believe to some people, Charlie Sheen isn’t that exciting of a meme anymore. If anything, he’s just making us sad. And some of us are so over seeing Sheen’s name and photo everywhere that we’re looking for ways to block him out of our daily Web browsing.Enter “Tinted Sheen,” a browser blocker that censors the Internet for you. Created by coder Greg Leuch, and launched today, the plugin applies black bars over Sheen’s name, as well as blackouts over his photos. It also replaces his name with asterisks if it appears in your browser’s tab. And if you’re sick of hearing about “tiger blood” and “winning,” the extension will attempt to block those out, too. You’ll be Sheen-free before you know it!The Seattletimes.com tried the add-on and said some Sheen sightings still occurred, but that it was still effective.Tinted Sheen is available for Firefox and Chrome, and can be downloaded at http://fffff.at. If you decide to do a Sheen-sweep by adding the plugin, let us know how it worked in the comments below.last_img