Your iPhone or iPad is secretly tracking your location

first_imgWhere 2.0 is an annual conference which covers all manner of technology and philosophy relating to geolocation, and today two presenters will be revealing some news about the iPhone and iPad that some users may find unsettling. According to Alasdair Allen and Pete Warden, the 3G-capable iPad and iPhone have been storing location data in a secret file since the arrival of iOS 4. Allen revealed that his own database contained hundreds of thousands of wireless access points which had been in range of his device over the past year.While they haven’t yet been able to determine exactly why Apple is collecting this data, they say it’s definitely  intentional — as the data is being backed up, restored, and migrated by iTunes. Even more worrying is the fact that the file is unencrypted and relatively easy to access. It’s a good idea to at least make sure you encrypt your iTunes backups until more is known about why the data is being collected and what it’s used for.AdChoices广告Warden has posted an application that concerned users can use to analyze the data on their iOS device. As troubling as the data collection issue itself is, the visualizations produced by the tool are actually quite cool.More at O’Reilly Radarlast_img