Kenai On Track To Prohibit Onsite Consumption Of Marijuana

first_imgThe ordinance to prohibit onsite consumption of marijuana and marijuana products at retail stores requiring an onsite consumption endorsement is up for public comment on their meeting on Wednesday. At their meeting on May 1, the council voted down an amended ordinance that would have allowed restricted onsite consumption of marijuana within city limits. If that ordinance had passed, a retail marijuana store could sell marijuana and marijuana products, excluding concentrates, to customers in a consumption area separated from the rest of the store. In a memo from the sponsors of the ordinance council members Glenese Pettey and Jim Glendening: “We feel this ordinance is necessary to protect public safety and welfare. Because this Ordinance requires a change to the City’s zoning code, requires a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission. We request it be pulled from the consent agenda and be referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration at their May 22, 2019 meeting, and be brought back to Council for a public hearing at the first meeting in June.”last_img