Functional hard drive built in unmodded Minecraft

first_imgEver wonder how your friends can kill hours on end playing Minecraft? Well, it turns out they’re not just roaming around sniping skeletons and trying to find one more block of diamond ore. Sometimes they’re building incredibly complex contraptions like this functional hard drive.Yes, it really is an actual working hard drive created in an unmodified Minecraft world. It was created by Imgur user smellytring, and it’s an absolute marvel of virtual construction.The hard drive is powered by redstone, just like the basic sliding doors and traps most Minecraft players eventually get around to tinkering with. It really can store data, too, and it does so in binary just like a real hard drive. The drive mechanism pushes opaque blocks in front of the redstone circuitry when it needs to transmit a 1 and slides a clear block back into place to transmit a 0 (redstone signals don’t pass through clear blocks in Minecraft).To read or write data, a player just has to stroll over to the correct wall-mounted controls. You’ll have to first toggle a series of ten switches to specify the address you want to read from or write to. To write data, toggle a second set of switches — again, this is all done in binary by turning blocks on and off.Deep within the drive’s complex pathways is a section that checks to see what state the control blocks are in. It then records those values into non-volatile storage. Close down your Minecraft session, open it up three days later, and you’ll still be able to recall the bits that you stored.The drive’s total capacity is an impressive 1KB and throughput is rated at 1 byte per 8 redstone ticks. That’s .8 of a second, so you could fill the entire drive in around 13 minutes. That is, of course, not counting the time it takes to convert your data to binary and walk around setting all the switches.Have you seen (or built!) another crazy Minecraft creation like this? Share it with us in the comments. We’d love to see it!last_img