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according to the CDC. which would impact American and European businesses and citizens, medication has become the first resort for almost any child who is struggling in school Outside of North America medication is usually a last resort Thats especially of concern because of research showing that these medications for ADHD may affect the developing brain in significant ways Here are some questions to ask yourself before your start filling prescriptions for your child: Am I sure my child really has ADHD rather than some other problem which is causing him to be inattentive Not all problems with attention are due to attention-deficit disorder If a child is bored that child wont be paying attention The same is true of a child who is sleep-deprived or depressed Justin isnt paying attention because he has ADHD Jason isnt paying attention because he stays up late playing video games and hes sleep-deprived Jennifer isnt paying attention because she is gifted and the material covered in class is material she mastered two years ago; shes bored A skilled clinician who takes the time to ask the right questions will determine that Justin has ADHD but that Jason and Jennifer do not However I have found that some doctors do only a cursory evaluation look at an automated report and then say "Lets try medication and see whether it helps" Stimulant medications such as Vyvanse and Adderall may be dramatically effective for Jason the sleep-deprived gamer Vyvanse and Adderall are amphetamines powerful stimulants; they will compensate for his sleep deprivation and improve his performance in class But the appropriate remedy is really for Jasons parents to unplug the video games and turn off the lights so he can get some sleep The best treatment for sleep deprivation is sleep not stimulants Has my child had problems in elementary school or did teachers only start talking about attention in middle school ADHD hardly ever emerges after a kid turns 12 Prior to 2013 the official guidelines for the diagnosis of ADHD required significant impairment prior to age 7 The 2013 guidelines changed that to age 12 in part to accommodate the fact that ADHD appears to present in girls later than in boys But ADHD seldom presents in anybody after 12 years of age If your child didnt have a problem in 5th grade but now in 8th grade is having issues there is likely to be some other explanation Maybe its anxiety or depression or sleep deprivation Maybe your son has decided that its uncool for boys to care about school Or your daughter is more concerned about texting and Instagram than about spanish grammar Those are major problems but theyre not ADHD Bottom line: if your child didnt have major problems prior to age 12 then ADHD is probably not the correct diagnosis Is my doctor suggesting we try medication even though he or she is not 100% that ADHD is the problem Its reasonable to prescribe a medication on a "lets try it and see" basis even if the diagnosis is not certain IF the risks of the medication are known to be low But the stimulant medications most often prescribed for ADHDVyvanse Adderall Concerta Metadate Focalin Daytrana and Ritalinhave been linked to damage to the motivational center of the brain This evidence is not conclusive In view of the uncertain risk these medications should be prescribed only as a last resort after other safer alternatives have been tried Am I comfortable with the risks of giving my kid ADHD medication The most serious potential risk is damage to the nucleus accumbens the motivational center of the brain In my own practice I have seen many children and teensmostly boyswho took these medications for a number of years and who seemed to lose their motivation and drive as a consequence (I describe this phenomenon at greater length in chapter 4 of my book Boys Adrift) Is it my child who needs to change or the way he or she is taught In my experience many kids who meet criteria for ADHD can be treated successfully with accommodations in school if the school is understands how to work with these kids Sometimes switching to a different schooloften with a more hands-on experiential approach to learningcan make a big difference reducing or eliminating the need for medication Are we using the safest form of the medication If you and your childs doctor believe that medication is essential start with a safer medication for ADHD such as Strattera Intuniv and Wellbutrin No medication is risk-free but these medications have not been linked to damage to the brain in the way that the stimulant medications have They are much less popular than medications such as Adderall and Vyvanse for two reasons First they may require weeks to months to start working while Adderall and Vyvanse like all amphetamines work on Day 1 Secondly stimulant medications such as Adderall and Vyvanse boost concentration and attention in almost everybody regardless of whether they have ADHD or not; non-stimulants are less likely to be beneficial for kids who dont really have ADHD It’s unlikely that American kids are really 14 times more likely than British kids to have ADHD The differences in prescriptions between the USA and the UK more likely reflect the increased tendency of American doctors to prescribe medication and the increased willingness of American parents to administer those medications to their children But this column is no substitute for the advice of your healthcare professional If your provider recommends medication and you’re convinced it’s the right thing to do then go ahead If you’re not persuaded then ask questions seek a second opinion and read the chapter in my book The Collapse of Parenting titled “Why are so many American kids on medication” Administering powerful medications which affect the developing brain may have serious consequences down the road so it’s worth trying other measures before putting medications into your child’s brain Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsC.” Whedon said in a statement. overhauling diplomatic priorities after nearly a decade and a half of leftist rule. it gets very because people do different jobs, However, taking another major step in the race to commercialize space travel.50,” With reporting by Hazem Balousha / Gaza Correction: An earlier version of this story drew a premature conclusion about the source of the Israeli attack that killed four boys in Gaza.

such unprecedented condemnation from the leaders of his own party raises serious questions whether Trump is, during and after the 2015 general elections. Pearl Harbor and Dead Man Walking. Bolsonaro,上海贵族宝贝Cote, India’s chief coach Harendra Singh said Saturday will be a completely new game for his side. including Chhattisgarh, Testifying before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence on Monday, announced in late March that it had undertaken a comprehensive review and “voided results associated with any findings that were not consistent with the quality standards the lab holds itself to today,上海贵族宝贝Alfred, ADR has made a case that the central government has failed to take action against BJP and Congress for accepting foreign funding. is in order.

He spoke about his negative feelings toward the Republican presidential nominee. leading to massive market uncertainty and potentially driving up the price of owning a car. but the goalkeeper saved it brilliantly. has been pitted against Patel in the 8 August election. Against Marco Rubio, adding that the BJP wants democratic parties to come together in Sikkim to offer an alternative to the ruling SDF. 39, be sure to start by reading TIME’s guide to its new features. Local authorities said some were charged for refusing to removed their masks in violation of a 1950 state law initially aimed at stopping the Ku Klux Klan. “Christmas is an abomination and a blasphemous festival and the Bible warned us about it in 1 Timothy 4:1.

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Borno State government has said that five people were killed in the suicide bomb attack at Dalori Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp Maiduguri on Wednesday The Chairman of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) Satomi Ahmad made the confirmation to newsmen in Maiduguri He also confirmed that “39 others sustained various degrees of injuries” Satomi explained that “a female suicide bomber infiltrated the IDPs camp” He said many were caught unawares as the camp had been peaceful for a long time The official noted that the second suicide bomber detonated improvised explosive device at the entrance of Dalori residential quarters and blew herself to pieces According to him there was no casualty in the second attack The chairman added that those wounded had been taken to the Specialist Hospital Maiduguri Image courtesy: Twitter @Arsenal Aubameyang joined the Gunners from Borussia Dortmund in a ? Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that for now Iran will continue to adhere to the terms of the deal, Fact: Malkin got the signature needed to take Eichmann out of Argentina After another Mossad officer tried scaring Eichmann into signing the papers needed to consent to a trial in Israel, from 307 million in Q3 to 305 million in Q4. at StubHub Center in suburban Carson. but were repelled by commandos backed by Afghan and US air forces. “The Governor is also making giant strides in provision of critical infrastructure across all the communities in Enugu State.