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Bangladesh is struggling to provide relief for exhausted and hungry refugees — some 60 percent of whom are children –while nearly 30, said on Friday it was behind the 26-year-old’s murder,Dhaka: Bangladeshi police said on Tuesday they suspect a domestic Islamist militant group of being behind the brutal murder of a secular activist in Dhaka The commission completed its inquiry and submitted a report in March this year to the government. demolished and there was no trace of human life.A total of 80 petitioners in their respective petitions had claimed an amount of Rs 70 lakh for each death Rs 50 lakh to Rs1 crore for each property lost and Rs 25 lakh to Rs 1 crore for each injured as compensation in terms of money Of these 19 petitioners are survivors The petitioners during hearings before the commission stated that they could not identify any person in the mob who committed the crime The president of the Hondh Chillar Talmel Committee Manwinder Singh Giaspura said that now with the report of the Justice T P Garg Commission having been placed in the Vidhan Sabha there is hope that recommendations will be implemented “Since 2011 the victims of the massacre have appeared numerous times before the commission to narrate what happened to them Most petitioners have over the years sold off their land in the village as they were too scared to return” he said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sriram Veera | Updated: April 4 2016 8:16 am Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid (Source: Express photo by Subham Dutta) Related News This isn’t just a story about religion but without it England’s spin twins wouldn’t be here in Kolkata for Sunday’s final The heart-warming tale of Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid is about how sport often paves the road formulticulturalism in countries and also about dreams coming true Also Read:In T-party a secondhelping Mushtaq Ahmed’s phone rang It was Mark Robinson England Lions’ coach on the line wanting to speak to England’s bowling coach about Adil Rashid the legspinner Rashid had an up and down career until then — he had raised hopes as a teenager as early as 2007 but had threatened to fade away in the interim years He was even dropped by Yorkshire in 2012 and Geoffrey Boycott had been blunt in his assessment “He’s never progressed that’s the sad part You can’t just pick people because they are legspinners” Mushtaq had worked with a young Rashid had seen him improve then fade and on this afternoon in 2014 he remembers hearing a happy voice of Robinson (STATS || POINTS TABLE || FIXTURES) “Mushy happy news Adil has improved” How “He has got his Allah back” Mushtaq was understandably surprised and went “Why do you say that” Robinson’s reply nailed the problem that was pushing Rashid back since then “He no longer fears failures That mental weakness seems to have changed He told me that he now leaves the results to Allah and that has freed him to bowl well and focus on his bowling He has really bowled well here” PHOTOS:All set for World T20 final at EdenGardens *** Kadeer Ali remembers a warm summer in September 2006 It was the month of Ramadan and his younger brother Moeen was 19 Kadeer had been a tad worried about his brother in those years Moeen a “fiery little bugger” would spend a lot of time with his mates and Kadeer wasn’t too flushed with the company the teenager was keeping It all changed that summer “Almost overnight” Kadeer recalls now Kadeer wasn’t and isn’t particularly religious — “I pray and stuff but nothing serious” — but he remembers Moeen changing that summer By the end of that Ramadan Moeen had undergone a transformation It was a chance encounter with a West Indian supporter Wally Mohammad who had recently converted to Islam then that proved to be the trigger for his own leap into faith “By that Ramadan almost overnight he was a different man” Kadeer told The Indian Express Also Read:Our cricket seems to be going in right direction says Llyod Though he was initially surprised by the transformation Kadeer was happy with the effects of religion on his younger brother “I was happy to be honest His friends weren’t disciplined they were not bad guys but you know I thought Moeen was wasting his talent That’s why I was happy to see the change He wasn’t a calm boy growing up but as he has gotten older and deeper into religion he has grown a lot calmer and it has had a great effect on his cricket and life” Also Read:England have wings to fly hope to soar onceagain *** This isn’t just a story about their faith but without it they wouldn’t be here in Kolkata for Sunday’s final We shall come to their cricket shortly but it’s also a story about how sport often paves the road for multiculturalism in countries Sport can often open the door for liberal values to waft into society Mushtaq talks rather warmly about the welcoming culture prevailing in the England dressing room a trait he attributes for English cricketing success in some ways These are the small little things that spark unity and camaraderie He talks about scenes when Moeen and he would be fasting the other players would ensure they wouldn’t eat in the dressing room “They didn’t have to do it but the fact that they did it shows how respectful they were of other cultures how popular Moeen is in the team and how these little acts help form a bond” In the past Moeen has talked about how Graeme Hick once cleared all his kitbag from the dressing room in Taunton so that he could do his namaaz In July 2014 in a Test match against India Moeen wore wristbands that read “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine” while batting He has helped in raising funds for Gaza relief efforts in his home city “Was I surprised Kadeer says “let me just say that he did what he believed in I don’t think he expected it to blow up big as it did” Also Read:Stop boundary flow if you can Sammy daresEngland *** It was in 2000 when Moeen was a 13-year-old that Kadeer knew his brother would be a good cricketer one day Even from a younger age Moeen would play cricket with Kadeer and the older cousin Kabir Ali who went on to play a Test for England That day Kadeer recalls the 20-year old Kabir was bowling really quick He hurled a bouncer that crashed on the helmet of Moeen “I was a bit worried but Moeen just stood there calmly adjusted his helmet and got ready for the next ball” The next delivery was fast and full but Moeen got right behind the line to drive it “It might seem a small moment but that has stood out in my mind We all felt that this guy has got something about him He didn’t run away back away but proved to be a brave boy I remember coming home and telling my dad about it” Also Read:World T20 final: Everything you need toknow His dad Munir would have been happy that day An emotional man who loved his three sons — Omar Kadeer and Moeen — and loved cricket he has sacrificed quite a lot He was a psychiatric nurse but had to give up his job after a stroke and for his desire to travel with his young sons to cricket Those were the times of struggle that Kadeer even today fails to fathom how his father and uncle — Kabir’s dad — managed “I remember my dad didn’t have ten pounds for petrol and food once And we were on the road for cricket Dad and uncle were left with one pound after filling up petrol and used the one pound to buy some bread for the family “It was a massive struggle for him but somehow he carried on As a coach myself now I see parents struggling with just one kid’s aspirations to play cricket and we were three then There was this another time I remember when his car had broken down and he didn’t have the money to repair it He had to take Moeen for some coaching or a game and he had to borrow a neighbour’s car Somehow he always found a way” When Mooen made his Test debut his family was understandably delirious The emotional Munir was proud and happy while Kadeer just about managed to shake Moeen’s hands and say — “Mate you have done the whole family proud” *** Elsewhere in Bradford a multi-racial district in England with Muslims forming a quarter of its population Abdul Rashid who moved at the age of 13 from Mirpur in Pakistan-administered Kashmir to England in 1967 was another dad working his cricket dream into his son Adil When he was eight years Abdul not only threw the ball to Adil but also told him to bowl legspin There was a hockey pitch up where the ball would bounce well on the artificial surface and Abdul would take his son there to bowl Money wasn’t an issue in the household of Rashids and Abdul built a room in the basement — 23 feet by 28 feet — for practice The father and three sons — Haroon a fast bowler Amar and Adil — would practice with a proper leather ball The walls were dented and its plasters peeled off but the ball continued to ricochet off them for quite some time before they re-did the place and started using tennis balls Abdul would hang balls on ropes from the ceilings and make his sons practice The passionate dad would organise cricket training with clubs in Lahore even on family holidays to Pakistan during Christmas vacation Abdul watched over the teenage years of his sons and used cricket to prevent them from straying in life The father would have his sons engaged in matches and it would be late in the day 9 to 10 pm by the time the four would return home On non-match days he would take them to net “I didn’t even let them think Sometimes I would take one to play at Taunton to play at Yorkshire representative level then come back to Bradford and take another up to Newcastle while the third needed transport playing somewhere in the east” Abdul said in an interview once Haroon was a medium pacer who could bat in the top order Amar was a batsman who bowled leg spin but it was the youngest Adil who began to make a name for himself When he was 13 he took 10 wickets for 55 runs in a senior game in Bradford league The Bradford Council was so impressed that they brought Abdul Qadir the famous Pakistan leggie to give five coaching lessons to Adil Soon the boy had begun to move up the ranks in cricket and came under the influence of Shane Warne’s coach Terry Jenner “Mr Rashid you’ve got a good legspinner there You’ve done a good job with his wrist I will work with his head and delivery stride” Jenner said In July 2006 he became the first Muslim cricketer to play for Yorkshire On a hot day with a dry pitch aiding him the boy took six wickets immediately cuing up lot of attention on him *** Both Moeen and Adil started facing problems at the start of their careers Adil in particular wasn’t strong mentally feels Mushtaq and his fear of failure was freezing him up Moeen who started as a batsman who could bowl had problems against bouncers Both had to go back to the drawing board and start again Kadeer Ali and his cousin Kabir would take Moeen to Edgbaston training centre in the wee hours of morning “We dipped rubber balls in water and would hurl at him for couple of hours My brother is a real hard worker He was always a confident guy but he began to work extra hard on his cricket” Mushtaq agrees with that assessment and brings up his bowling to make his case “Just look at how his bowling has developed He has a great high-arm action gets a lovely drift and can turn the ball There are two kinds of spinners — one who turn the ball and ones who can spin The spinners are the ones who put a lot of revolution on the ball and the turners just get turn off the pitch Moeen Ali is now a spinner Asli ho gaya abhi” Cheteshwar Pujara the Indian batsman who fell twice to Moeen in the 2013 series at home vouches that statement It was the series that turned Moeen’s career around Pujara says he knew that Moeen bowled with a flatter trajectory could turn the ball a little and even expected that he would bowl it quicker It was Ian Bell who had suggested to Moeen that he should bowl quicker through the air in that series “It was the drift that got me” Pujara says now “Perhaps it’s because of his high-arm action but he gets a nice drift Both out and in And I had seen the ball turn a bit One time the ball drifted away and I sort of followed it and edged to the slips It’s the drift that can create problems for batsmen who are used to playing turn and Moeen has developed even more now” In Adil’s case Mushtaq reckons once he found his inner strength and a stronger temperament the hard work began to pay off “His action has become very compact now By that there is nothing that can break now It’s a repeatable action Everything is well-aligned and he uses the body a lot more And because of his high-arm action his googlies are deceptive” Pujara who has played with Adil in county cricket agrees “Adil likes when batsmen go after him and that’s why he has been successful in T20 His googlies and flippers then come into play more and with the batsmen looking to hit they sometimes miss to pick the variations Unlike some other legspinners whose googlies slow up as they loop it up from the back of the hand Adil maintains the same pace on it as his normal legbreaks He has sort of a quick action too and that also helps Both Moeen and Adil have continuously improved and have played their part in getting England to the final now” Known as the ‘beard that’s feared’ in Worcestershire promotional literature Moeen Ali the ‘fiery little bugger’ who turned a corner and Adil Rashid the self-doubting youth who got his Allah back have been the quiet performers behind England’s astounding campaign in the world cup thus far And they now have one more night out on their field of dreams on Sunday For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News| New Delhi | Published: July 8 2014 1:02 pm Despite all her haters it’s quite obvious that Alia has a massive fan following Related News With the release of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania this week we’re seeing the rise of a hitherto unknown phenomenon…wait what do those words mean again Yes we’re talking about Alia Bhatt Despite all her haters it’s quite obvious that Alia has a massive fan following Here are the 7 types of Alia Bhatt fans: The unabashed diehard fan “I think she’s so cute and pretty and such a role model and I want to become just like her when I grow up and become the Queen of Bollywood” The Philosopher “I wonder what an episode of KBC starring Rahul Gandhi and Alia Bhatt would be like The IQ master “Can your IQ be lowered just by listening to somebody” The Desi Fashionista “I just like her for her fashion-sense” The fan in denial “I hate Alia Bhatt I hate Alia Bhatt Just look at her she’s so… pretty” The Kareena Kapoor snob “OMG Alia copies Kareena like TOTALLY” The film critic “You know maybe she has potential She just needs the right roles” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Published: March 19 2015 1:11 am A PIL was filed last year by a resident of Tughlakabad who alleged trees and wildlife in the area was being affected by the “toxic” water Related News The Delhi High Court has asked the Delhi Development Authority and the Delhi Jal Board to consider installing biotechnology-based systems to purify the “toxic” water collected near the Tughlakabad Fort area The suggestion came during a hearing on a PIL on a “toxic lake” that has been created in the area due to seepage of sewage from unauthorised colonies nearby The PIL was filed last year by a resident of Tughlakabad who alleged trees and wildlife in the area was being affected by the “toxic” water “You have done a good job at maintaining the wetlands at the Yamuna biodiversity park You can do that here” the court of Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva said On Wednesday the DDA submitted satellite maps and a survey map of the area indicating that four separate “water bodies had formed near the walls of the Tughlakabad Fort which were connected to each other by kutcha drains that carried sewage from nearby illegal colonies Share This Article Related Article The court noted that the unauthorised colonies could not be demolished and suggested that the drain water could be used to develop the area The DDA counsel also informed the court that the sewage drains could not be closed or diverted as it would lead to accumulation of sewage inside the colonies The court has now suggested that the “toxic” water can be purified using biotechnology and the surrounding areas which include a 200-acre forest could be developed as a wetland and park The court asked the DDA and the DJB to “take the suggestion to the L-G” for sanction The civic agencies have been directed to come up with a proposal by April 22 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News near Ecuanduero, while state media reported the kidnapping of a businessman in the region.

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and objected to "importing" of candidates from other parties to contest on party tickets. Trump, police said on Tuesday. We have deployed adequate security personnel to restore peace in the area, The state government had approved the amendment in Section 29 of Maharashtra Land Revenue Code-1966 on 17 February, Ram Chandar Pihal, (Source: PTI) Top News The UN agencies have called for an “urgent” aid to help hundreds of thousands of people in Bangladesh and Myanmar affected by Cyclone Mora, make consumers agree not to sue in the future as a condition of purchasing products or services. it is especially insulting to be accused of having any link to such an attempt. Putin’s tough talking in response to U.

There is no security for them. they go unnoticed. The case has been adjourned for hearing on April 17.”The way he does it is entirely up to him. "Wishing @AbeShinzo a Happy Birthday!" he attacked. But that killing meant girls in villages across the country will think twice before stepping out of the house. The greater the power the greater the sense of tragedy.And it is tragedy that draws more attention than suffering Second our sympathies are rarely with victims understood solely as human beings We construct solidarity with them by placing them in a cultural narrative Whether it is due to universalism or imperialism or both there is a sense in which the culture of the West has become intimately ours often even in our denial of this fact It is not so much French lives that we care about (we seldom care about life itself); it is that the values implicated in that attack — enlightenment speech or whatever — impinge on us our identity and our debates more directly Often even the significance of life needs a story behind it Our singular failure is that African stories do not play this part in our imagination But this is true domestically as well — those victims matter to us where there is a prior political framing that engages us Expressing outrage can be an important tool if used with judgement But the currency of outrage is currently inevitably debased Outrage has become an industry There are political and material gains to provoking the emotional response of outrage But this constant production of outrage will blur the distinction between the morally significant and the morally trivial But the outrage is also managed The sense of outrage should be enough to move the audience make it feel righteous but not enough to destabilise the system We want the anger not the anarchy?is ready with an interesting collection based on the concept of cobwebs.but they say they can?