Double Dempsey: Bearcats bring coach’s son home

first_img“Like” Nicole Menner on Facebook and “Follow” her on Twitter. Dempsey Jr. is transferring to Binghamton University to play under his dad coach Tommy Dempsey, leaving Providence College where he played his freshman season as a preferred walk-on. This marks the first time coach Dempsey will coach his son. Eventually he got on board. Dempsey Jr. has kept a close relationship with the Bearcats over the years, which led him to make the move back to his hometown. “I was a little bit apprehensive to be honest,” he said. “He had such a good situation at Providence and I really needed him to convince me why this was going to be a better situation for him and his future.” “I kind of felt like the last seven years or so I’ve been a part of it,” said Dempsey Jr. “But now to really be a part of it officially is just something I’ve always wanted to do.” “Even his whole time away he stayed so connected,” said coach Dempsey. “He watched every game, sending me texts he was so connected to it. This is just what he really, really wanted.” Dempsey Jr. will join his former Seton teammate Leo Gallagher and his former AAU teammate George Tinsley. center_img “I don’t think it will be too difficult. It’s kind of natural,” said Dempsey Jr. While the Dempsey’s new dynamic may take some getting used to, both aren’t too worried about the adjustment. “The most important thing for him is to just be one of the guys and I’ll treat him as one of the guys,” said coach Dempsey. “Being very familiar with the program obviously and you add those two guys, it makes it even more exciting,” he said. VESTAL (WBNG) — The Binghamton men’s basketball roster is finalized for the 2020-21 season, and former Seton Catholic standout Tommy Dempsey Jr. will be joining his dad’s team. “I’ve always been in the stands or the outfield or the endzone letting him be coached and doing his own thing, so this will really be the first time,” said coach Dempsey. Coach Dempsey said the move took some convincing. last_img