A great example of how to communicate in the age of the coronavirus: Tenerife and the #Wellbeback campaign

first_imgIn a one-minute video, Tenerife gives us another great example of how tourist destinations need to communicate in the age of the coronavirus. Be sure that all destinations will strongly attack the market and that there will be noise in communication. So think outside the box, to jump out of the crowd and get attention. After the excellent narrative of the Portuguese Tourist Board campaign ( Dream now – travel later ), and the Tenerife Tourist Board jumped out of the crowd with its coronavirus video and campaign #Wellbeback. HOW DO WORLD TOURIST BOARDS COMMUNICATE AT THE MOMENT? THE MAIN NARRATIVE IS THE DREAMING AND PLANNING PHASE Related news: center_img Short, clear, effective and certainly inspiring to put Tenerife on the bucket list, all summed up in just one minute of video. Now is the time to daydream and plan, and most importantly – communicate. Also, now it is necessary to plan a promotion, ie a promotional campaign for #dayafter or the day after the crown. Then it is necessary to immediately start with an aggressive promotion, and only then start planning the promotion and lose precious time. Perhaps the best sentence of this narrative, which will surely be etched in everyone’s mind, is: Welcome to Tenerife, this temperature is 25 degress“Excellent positioning. last_img