Overwatchs latest hero is Sigma an astrophysicist who harnesses the power of

first_img 74 Photos Preview • Blizzard’s Overwatch: Everything you need to know Overwatch Origins Edition pour one out for sigma 😔 pic.twitter.com/lviQsNI3lz— 😩LYCHGATE😩@ FLAME CON (@buttcheekwizard) July 22, 2019 I love Sigma 😍😍😳😳❤️❤️😭😭 pic.twitter.com/lLVHqxXo1g— 🌙 moony @ home💫 (@moonyandthebirb) July 22, 2019 Awesome Overwatch cosplay from around the world 0 Post a comment Tags Share your voice $34 News • Overwatch might be coming to the Nintendo Switch CNET may get a commission from retail offers. See it Meet Sigma. Blizzard Overwatch, Blizzard’s successful “hero shooter” that combines MOBA elements with the best of games like Team Fortress, has announced its latest character: Sigma, a scientist with the power to control gravity.Blizzard announced the new character via an animated short. Introducing Sigma – an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware that he is being used as a living weapon. pic.twitter.com/Oi3or2VthQ— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) July 22, 2019 So yep, he looks a bit like Gru from Despicable Me.Personally I found this tidbit quite interesting: A “living weapon” eh?We’ll hopefully learn more about Sigma (and how he plays) in the coming weeks. Mentioned Above Overwatch Origins Edition (PC) We’ve seen little with regard to how Sigma will actually play in the game, but we’re going to hazard a guess that gravity is involved. High possibility this guy will be doing a lot of floating.People were quick to make this comparison… Culture Gaminglast_img