Metro asserts train collision impossible

first_imgHyderabad: On Saturday, the city was agog with rumours of a missing collision of Metro trains. It was rumoured that Metro accidentally ran in opposite track and almost missed collision with the train coming from opposite direction. It appears that those who indulged in this fake news do not have least knowledge about the modern technology used in Metro trains in Hyderabad and spread the news with a malicious intent to destroy the image of Metro Hyderabad. Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us Metro says it ensures full safety of its passengers through its automatic braking system. It uses Communication-based Train Control (CBTS) system. The trains are monitored automatically from Operation Control System (OCS). OCS, located at Uppal Metro Rail Depo, controls all the Metro trains. The system is integrated with Automatic Train Supervision (ATS), Automatic Train Control (ATC) and Automatic Train Operations (ATO) systems. All these systems are operated from Uppal depo. Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us In the event of an emergency, rescue operations too are monitored from the depot. OCS acts as heart of the Metro project and ensures full safety of passengers and train control. There are two separate tracks and trains from one track are not allowed to another track. The trains on the same track too do not collide as CBTS system applies automatic breaking. In the event of power failure, the alternative power system switches on within seconds and moreover the trains have in-built battery which can ensure that train can run for next seven kilometres. Each train has two engines and if one engine fails, the train can run with another engine.last_img